Workforce Recruitment & Retention Research – Local Results; Global Impact When we ask providers, ‘What keeps you up at night?’, almost everyone responds, ‘Having a quality and stable direct care workforce’.

Workforce consistently ranks NUMBER ONE as the most challenging part of your job.And finding successful ideas to increase your ability to recruit and retain workers is not easy.
Now, under the leadership of Dr. Robyn Stone, Better Jobs Better Care just released the findings from a 4-year study of different aspects of recruitment and retention strategies.
Even though the study took place in the USA, the lessons learned are applicable around the world. Key findings from their recently released report include:

  • Older workers are interested in direct care work
  • Formerly paid family caregivers could add to the pool of home care workers
  • Supervisors’ management styles have major impact on retention
  • Retention specialists can reduce turnover
  • Cultural competency affects job satisfaction
  • Direct care workers and supervisors need training changes
  • The right kind of training improves job satisfaction and team care

As you read this you’re probably thinking – This is just common sense: I knew all that. But the difference is that BJBC has clinical evidence and if you read their report you’ll get some hints on how to apply the findings. Give us your feedback