Everybody’s talking about wellness these days, especially in terms of the benefits for the elderly. As the experts say, “It’s never too late to start a fitness program.”

IAHSA members have been providing wellness programs as an integral part of their services for many years. And now government is getting into the action.


Just today I read about one such program in Galway, Ireland. Called the Galway Healthy Cities Project, the city is promoting healthy ageing through a photography competition.

Evelyn Fanning, the person in charge, noted, “Healthy Ageing focuses on the ability of people of all ages to live a healthy, safe and socially inclusive lifestyle”.

The competition focuses on four photo categories:

  • enabling and supportive environments such as places to walk, facilities and amenities;
  • connecting with others through family, friends and the wider community;
  • life long learning;
  • and supporting healthier choices.

It is open to everyone and the winning photographs will be entered into the World Health Organization’s European Healthy Cities Network photo contest taking place in France in September.

I think I’ll go get some film!!