Recently the New York Times ran an article about social networks that cater to ‘people of a certain age’, meaning the boomers.

Evidently the folks from Silicon Valley now recognize that baby boomers and the graying population are worth paying attention to – “ They are worth what some investors say may be a profitable characteristic of older Internet users: they are less likely than youngsters to flit from one trendy site to the next.”

More and more boomers are Internet users who learned computer skills in the workplace. And according to the article, the number of Internet users older than 55 is roughly the same as those aged 18-34.

‘Teens are tire kickers – they hang around, cost you money and then leave”, said Paul Kedrosky, an Internet venture capitalist. “The older demographic has a bunch of interesting characteristics, not the least of which is that they hang around”.

Author Matt Richtel says “Older people are sticky.” That means that they are harder to attract to an Internet site but more durable and sticky over time.

What can we learn from this? Perhaps it gives us some ideas about communications and marketing strategies targeted to the boomers. And the fact that the Internet is not just for kids.

Personally I haven’t joined any Internet social networks – those that I’ve heard about, such as Facebook, aren’t of interest to me.

And I never thought of myself as sticky but maybe when I find the right site I’ll stick to it.