Those of you who were with us in Malta will remember The Zimmers – the UK senior rock band whose hit tune “My Generation” has gained world wide fame as an example of the power and resourcefulness of the elderly. The song, primarily distributed through YouTube, has reached millions of listeners around the world.

On Tuesday evening I had the honor of meeting one of the Zimmers, Peter Oakley, who along with Neil Reed, the Zimmers Music Producer, were honored guests at the Washington DC Celebration of the United Nations International Day of Older Persons [IDOP].

The event, co-hosted by IAHSA, AARP International and the BBC, featured the US Premier of the BBC Documentary ‘Power to the People: The Great Granny Chart Invasion”. In the film we met 40 OAPs [in UK old age pensioners] with vim and vigor. The combined age of the band members is more then 3000 years.

The Zimmers was the brainchild of BBC Producer Tim Samuels and grew out of his experiences with a wide variety of elderly pensioners who felt abandoned and lonely. As he stated in an earlier BBC article, “How do you highlight the plight of Britain’s millions of pensioners, many of whom are bored and lonely? Put them into a rock band and let their charisma speak for itself.”

Peter Oakley, aka geriatric1927 on YouTube, said that being part of the Zimmers has changed his life forever. And the Zimmers have certainly enhanced ours. Thanks, Peter.

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