SunAuthor, Academy Award Winner, well-known celebrity, Sidney Poitier addressed the AAHSA conference this morning, sharing his life through his description of 12 snapshots.

He began our ‘snapshot’ tour with his birth, a tribute to the tenacity of his mother in the face of adversity, through his hardscrapple life, first in Miami then New York City.   By the time he was 16 in NYC in 1943 he knew that he had to master the basics of life as fast as possible because there is limited room for wasted motion. 

He was especially eloquent about the “Whap Whap’ theory of child raising, a method used by his mother with great success.  

I’ve always been a great fan – loved all of his movies and watch them whenever I get a chance.   But I had no idea what he had to overcome to reach where he is today.   His life clearly reflects one of integrity and the power of helping those around you in the face of adversity.    

For more information on him and for a preview of his recent book, The Measure of A Man, see Sidney Poitier Biography –