As baby boomers begin to look at retirement, employers will be facing a staff shortage – caused by the global ageing crisis – the most significant demographic event of this century.

The problem is being felt in most developed countries but it is more critical in Canada because it has the largest baby boom population in the Western hemisphere.

Every sector in Canada is scrambling to find ways to persuade older, skilled workers to delay retirement and work past the magic age of 65. However pension rules and mandatory retirement laws are substantial barriers that need to be addressed. Right now only 6% of those over 65 continue working.

Help is near!!! Barbara Jaworski, President & CEO of The Workplace Institute, has created a multifaceted business model that companies can use to engage workers of all ages – especially older workers. The model, published in KAA-BOOM! How to Engage the 50-Plus Worker and Beat the Workforce Crisis, provides a road map for employers.

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