This week I had the honour of being part of a high-level dialogue on long-term care, hosted by AARP International and the German Ministry of Health. The dialogue convened an elite group of experts and opinion leaders from both the US and Germany for a discussion that highlighed important common challenges and opportunities on key long-term care issues. The aim of the long-term care dialogue was to develop a platform for exchange and dialogue, conduct policy analysis, and identify best practices to inform policy debates in both the US and Germany.

IAHSA & AAHSA were well represented in the program. Dr. Robyn Stone, Executive Director of the Institute for the Future of Aging Services, addressed the important issue of workforce in maintaining a viable ageing services system. Barbara Manard, AAHSA Health Strategist, contributed to the dialogue on long-term care financing options. And Dr. Majd Alwan, Director of CAST, convened a panel on the value of technology in ageing services. My panel focused on long-term care insurance, with a discussion of the relative merits of a voluntary insurance market [US] versus a mandatory one [Germany].

This was a very important discussion that enlighted participants from both sides of the Atlantic. And I was able to meet new colleagues while renewing old friendships. That is what makes a great meeting.

Concurrent with the meeting, AARP International released a policy paper that compares long-term care in Germany and the US. A copy of the paper can be found here.