If you answered ‘yes’, you’re in good company. Evidently people from all over the world are worried about it too, according to a recent study conducted by the GfK Roper Consulting, an international market research firm.

But not everyone worries about the same thing. Germans worry most about losing their memory or their mental alertness. The Dutch fear gaining weight and Thais worry about fading eyesight.

The study, as reported by The Boston Globe, showed that people’s expectations for their lives don’t seem to match up with their nation’s economic or health status. For example, nations with healthier populations and more financial resources might be expected to have fewer worries about aging, but that’s not necessarily true. Concern about ageing was widespread in several European nations, including Sweden and Spain, as well as in Japan.

One country that stood out was Egypt. The folks there aren’t worried. I guess for a society that spawned the pyramids and created such an advanced culture so many centuries ago, they are entitled to a ‘What, Me worry?’ attitude.