Last night I went to a Bruce Springsteen [aka The Boss] concert

As I looked around the 40,000 people in the audience I was struck by the wide age range – sitting next to me were three guys in their 20s, directly in front of me was a silver haired gentleman, and middle aged women were everywhere. And at 58, Springsteen certainly can’t call himself young any more — at least not chronologically.

So why am I writing about this on the Global Ageing Blog? Because this concert demonstrates that music and entertainment can be one type of glue that brings generations together, melts the age barriers and keeps people communicating.

Like the Australian Council on Ageing did last month during the 2007 Every Generation Celebration, an intergenerational Festival and a public acknowledgment of the contribution that seniors make to our society. It was a time for older people to share their achievements with people of all ages.

Let’s hear it for rock stars of all ages.