For a number of years folks have said that using your brain by doing crossword puzzles or mental exercises like Sudoku will help you retain mental capacity for a longer period as you age. There have been some studies to prove this theory but none were quite as extensive as the one just completed by the University of Southern California Andrus Gerontology Center.

According to an article in Medical News Today, the IMPACT study, conducted by Dr. Eliabeth Zelinski, showed that doing the right kind of brain exercise can enhance memory and other cognitive abilities of older adults.

‘The changes we saw in the experimental group were remarkable’, Dr. Zelinski said. ‘ From a researcher’s point of view, this was very impressive – people got better at the tasks trained, those improvements generalized to various standardized measures of memory, and peopled perceived improvements in their lives’.

The research was conducted using the computer-based Posit Science Brain Fitness Programone, of a number of products developed by the company Posit Science, a California based company whose goal is to create programs that change the way we live and age.

This is great news for those of us who love puzzles.