Last week we wrote about a study conducted in the US about the financial burden US family caregivers face when caring for their older family members or friends.

A new report out of Australia demonstrates the widespread impact of caregiving on employment and job status.

The Hidden Face of Care prepared by the Taskforce on Care Costs, has found that almost half of Australia’s working carers are forced to take jobs beneath their skill or educational levels to get enough flexibility to look after the person they care for.

It also says that the balance of the total 2.5 million carers leave the workforce altogether. One in four working carers are forced to cut their hours because of the cost of having someone else care for their aged or disabled relative or friend.

And 67% said they would turn down a job promotion if it interfered with their caring responsibilities.

This is clearly a major issue and one that deserves attention. And it will only get more extreme as the boomers age. Help spread the word in your region and let us hear about what is being done in your area to assist family caregivers.