I’ve always been fascinated by demographer studies on generational differences. We Boomers think that everybody has to pay attention to us because we’re the biggest, having a hugh impact on healthcare, ageing services, retirement funds, etc. etc.

That may be so right now, but the Echo Boomers [aka Generation Y – born between 1977 and 1994] are nipping at our heals and by 2015 there will be more of them than there are regular Boomers.

I found this out by reading information by Phil Goodman, President and CEO of Generation Transitional Marketing. His company is built on understanding psychographics as well as generational and basic demographic [age, gender, income] traits – and profiling how this will impact culture and society.

So what does he say about Echo Boomers? Echo Boomers are into social networking, podcasts and streaming video. They are individualistic, self-inventive and celebrate diversity. They rewrite the rules, want to have a killer lifestyle and find institutions irrelevant.

Echo Boomers are basically more optimistic than Gen Xers and they like challenges. You don’t command them, you collaborate with them.

And they will soon be in management positions. According the Mr. Goodman, “They won’t do it the same way, but they’ll get results and you’ll need to acknowledge them for it.”

Echo Boomers are coming up fast – each year in the US 4 million of them turn 30 years of age.

Are you ready???