Is Blue the New Green??

Everyone is ‘going green’, including IAHSA. We’re making our conferences ‘greener’, implementing practices that will cut down on waste and environmental impact. And we’re already are pretty proud of being ‘virtual’, which means we use minimal printing and do few mailings. The Internet is IAHSA’s Yellow Brick Road.

Now, according to advertising giant J. Walter Thompson’s “10 Trends for 2008” report, blue will take over from green as the symbol of environmental conscience. Why? Because blue more accurately reflects climate change and climate is all about sky and sea – both blue. And to consumers, blue also is reflective of spiritual fulfillment and good-citizen ethics.

Other observations in the JWT report include:

  • Consumption in the future will be more cooperative. Extending the “time-share” model for owning a vacation home, consumers will increasingly accept fractional ownership of art work, cars, and other high-end products.
  • As the genetic links are identified for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure, look for commercial genetic testing services promoted alongside pharmaceutical ads.
  • Consumers are rethinking “instant gratification” and choosing to hold off buying mass merchandise in favor of custom made or one-of-a-kind products and services.
  • Demographic “pigeonholing” will become less useful to marketers, as consumers change their behaviors–such as when they marry or attend school and for how long–in less predictable ways. Marketers and others will focus on behavioral segmentation rather than age when targeting their campaigns.

So many colors! Actually I really have no preference for either blue or green – what I do care about is doing whatever it takes to get the public to be more aware of their impact on the environment and to get them to do something about it.