One of the consequences of the global ageing phenomenon is the impact on the workforce – not only workers to provide care for the elderly but workers for all aspects of society.

Now that the leading edge of the Boomers are in their 60s and are looking at retirement, companies are now realizing that they have to prepare for the major workforce changes that will soon be upon them.

To help address these challenges MetLife Mature Market Institute sponsored a study to look at ways in which cutting edge companies are doing to improve their utilization of older workers.

The report, entitled Searching for the Silver Bullet, addresses what employers are learning about how to:

  • Retain high performing older workers longer
  • Effectively transfer and retain their critical knowledge
  • Create position transitions as more older workers retire
  • Hire from an increasingly large pool of retirees
  • Adjust strategies to effectively utilize a multi-generational workforce

I’m glad to see that someone is paying attention to this. Becoming older worker friendly is something all organizations should strive for.