Every time I pick up a paper or go on the Internet, I see more articles about the workforce. Where to find workers, how to train workers, how to keep workers.

And there is no shortage of good advice on the issue. A recent article in Business Week Magazine outlines the 10 Best Corporate Practices for 2008 – showing that sometimes the difference between the best and worst company policies comes down to one thing: trust.

Even though the message has been geared toward industry type corporations, anyone working with people can benefit from the program’s basic messages.

For example:

Pooled Sick-time Banks.
These very smart corporate solutions allow one employer or several to create time banks into which employees can deposit one or more sick days per year, for the use of other employees in the same bank. That way, an employee who has run out of sick time can withdraw time that’s been deposited by other employees. The system is overseen by leaders from the participating organizations who manage the deposits and withdrawals. Pooled sick-time banks are a smart way to support teammates, and they help keep people from suffering financially during a time of crisis.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Implementing some of these suggestions should help you keep them happy and your organization humming.