This year we at IAHSA are particularly well positioned to look forward to spring by connecting with colleagues at IAHSA’s Second European Conference – Our Future: Quality Ageing Services – in Vienna, Austria, 22-23 May. While this programme is devoted to sustaining, enhancing and expanding ageing services, and the formal presentations will be top notch, I think that the programme structure and networking opportunities will once again be the features that participants end up valuing most.

IAHSA education programmes emphasize shared learning and our European Conferences are structure with facilitated roundtable discussion groups. We aim to create educational environments that enable participants from diverse backgrounds to share with and learn from one another’s real-life, hands-on experiences. Our guiding programme principles include:

  • Interactive Participation: exercises that involve the learner and facilitate inter-personal exchanges to stimulate collective observation and thought.
  • Problem-Solving: activities that encourage inquiry, reflection and exploration of a common challenge or opportunity.
  • Blended Models: approaches that combine a variety of events and learning delivery methods to develop applicable skills over time.
  • Relationship-Building: discussions that generate possibilities for fellowship, collaboration and action.

I hope that you will agree with IAHSA that the best way to ensure Quality Aged Services and a better future for our elders is to advance the field by sharing our collective wisdom and experiences. With this in mind, I invite you to join us at IAHSA’s Second European Conference – please visit the Web site to register for Vienna!