‘Change’ is constantly in the news these days – especially in the USA where all of the Presidential candidates are portraying themselves as ‘agents of change’.

I think that action speaks louder than words – as demonstrated in a recent Wall Street Journal article that eloquently describes 12 individuals who are true agents of change.

Two of these leaders, Eric Dishman and Dr. Bill Thomas, are well known to the IAHSA family, both having appeared at an IAHSA Global Conference in the past. Eric and his colleagues at Intel are developing technologies to help people stay home as they age and become frail. Bill is best known for his pioneering work in culture change and his Eden Alternative program. He also posts daily to his blog Changing Aging. Its very worth reading.

Others are also doing very important work in a wide variety of fields including financial planning, advocacy, retirement living, and urban planning, to name a few.

Let us know who the Ageing Change Agents are in your country.