IAHSA Past Chair, Espen Aspnes is a Senior Advisor with SINTEF, a leading research organization in technological development. He recently visited South Korea to learn more about how that rapidly growing economy is dealing with the challenges of an ageing society. According to the Korea National Statistical Office, it will take only 19 years for the number of people over 65 to double from 7% to 14%.  Compare that to 47 years in the UK and 76 years in Norway.

Given these daunting statistics, the Koreans are investing in technology in a big way. One of Espen’s colleagues, Changan Choi, market adviser at Innovation Norway in Seoul, issued a report on the trends and opportunities in the sector – with a major focus on technology. It is good to see how countries are sharing advancements. A good example of creating community across borders. Thanks, Espen, for sending this to us.

Overview of trends and opportunities in the medical and health sector