Unfortunately bad conditions are often the drivers for government to get involved in regulating private businesses. You’ve seen it in all types of industries and long term care is no exception.

And ageing services in Ireland is the latest example. The recently issued standards of care and welfare, announced by Ireland’s Health Information Quality Authority, were a result of an abuse scandal at a Dublin nursing home.

As the Irish Times reported, the 32 standards are aimed at keeping residents safe from physical, financial, material, psychological or sexual abuse and neglect. The new regulations are welcomed by Age Action Ireland as well as the association that represents nursing homes, Nursing Homes Ireland. However Tadhg Daly, CEO of Nursing Homes Ireland, noted that “It’s fair to say that regulations, no matter what sector, will have an increase in the cost both to the provider and also for those in our care.”

We all know that regulations do increase costs. And our hope is that they also result in an increase in quality. But sometimes ageing service providers need to create their own quality systems, such as Quality First in the US and My Home Life in the UK. Check them out and let us know what you think.