Majd Alwan, Director of CAST, is a well known and respected researcher in robotics and elder care technologies. He is also a believer in the importance of using IAHSA’s Global Ageing Network as a vehicle for sharing knowledge about potential technological solutions to the challenges of global ageing.

He and Dr. Jeremy Nobel of Harvard University have written a compelling three-part report that outlines the state of the field in the United States with respect to the development of technologies for the ageing service field.

The report, funded by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, offers a vision for long-term care that includes using integrated information technology systems to support and enhance the health, safety and social connectedness of older people living in their own homes.

They identify several barriers to achieving this vision, but are confident that a combination of new knowledge, linked to effective collaboration among a variety of stakeholders, can overcome these obstacles to widespread technology adoption.

This is an important paper and most of the observations are applicable across the globe. Please share it with your colleagues.