Earlier this week, AAHSA posted this on their Future of Aging blog. Financing of long-term care in the US is a major issue and one in which the US is far behind other countries. Your thoughts and comments welcome.

The way we finance long-term care isn’t just a problem for older people. It affects all of us, including 20-somethings like me. That’s why our association is looking to get younger people’s opinion on caregiving and how our country pays for it.

Here are the five questions we’re asking young people (for now, that’s my mostly my friends) that I’d like any younger readers to take a moment to consider:

1. Do you worry about how you and your parents will pay for the care your older loved ones may need in the future?

2. Are you worried about how our country will cover the baby boomers’ health care costs as they age?

3. Do you worry about how you will pay for own health care when you get older?

4. Do you worry about how you would pay for care and assistance if you had
a major accident or illness?

and finally

5. Which of these four situations concerns you the most?

If you know a young person who’d be willing to share their insights, pass along the survey to them. Their responses will help us move our forward our plan to make affordable to care a little faster.