Seven years ago, Dr. Robyn Stone co-authored a white paper entitled Who Will Care for Us? Addressing the Long-Term Care Workforce Crisis in America.

This excellent paper challenged policymakers to take action on ways in which the USA can prepare for the coming baby boomer generation and the demands that they will make on the health care system in general, and the long-term care system specifically.

Now seven years later, the Institute of Medicine’s recent report, Retooling for An Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce, echoes and expands on the issue, calling for bold initiatives designed to meet the growing needs of an expanding elderly population. Dr. Stone testified on the study before the US Congress saying, “The growing demand for long-term care, resulting from aging baby boomers and a much smaller pool of traditional caregivers, means the future will be immeasurably worse without decisive action by both public and private sectors.”

No one except our ageing service provider members seemed to be listening in 2001. Perhaps others will in 2008.