Numerous studies have been published about global ageing – the most important demographic event of the 21st Century. We’ve covered a number of studies on its impact on the workforce, migration, retirement systems, and health care, especially long term care.

Now we have a report from The Center for Strategic International Studies [CSIS] that focuses on its impact on national and global security.

The report, The Graying of the Great Powers: Demography and Geopolitics in the 21st Century, explores how population ageing and decline will constrain the developed countries to maintain security over the next few decades. It also examines the security implications of emerging demographic trends in different regions of the developing world. While some political scientists and security experts argue that the forces of demography are pushing the world toward greater peace and stability, the CSIS report concludes that they pose growing security threats—and that the period of greatest danger lies just over the horizon in the 2020s.

For international groups like IAHSA this is an important study, increasing our awareness of the differences and similarities between our member countries.