During IAHSA’s 2nd European Conference in Vienna last week, there was a lot of talk about culture change – not only during the education sessions but also as a major theme for the networking breakout groups.

A primary tenet of culture change is creating an environment that honors person-centered care – where seniors in aged care facilities enjoy much of the privacy and choice they would experience if they were still living in their own homes.

In order to get an idea of how far Culture Change has progressed in the USA, the Commonwealth Fund conducted a research project to study nursing homes to determine the penetration of the culture change movement. The results were mixed with much room for improvement. However the researchers found that the more a nursing home adopts culture change the greater the benefits, in terms of staff retention, higher occupancy rates, better competitive position and improved operational costs.

IAHSA members around the world are embracing the culture change movement. Share your experiences with others by adding comments here.