If I ask IAHSA members the question,“What is your biggest challenge in caring for your elderly residents?”, almost all of them will say, with emphasis, WORKFORCE. Finding good committed care workers is increasingly difficult. And whether deserved or not, working in ageing services universally has a negative image.

Enter the Care Ambassadors.

Young, excited and passionate about caring for the elderly, Care Ambassadors project a positive, visible and realistic picture of what it means to work in a care home. Ambassadors are recruited from care homes, trained in presentation skills, and given a chance to visit schools and local community groups to talk about social care as a career choice with people who are about to make a decision about what to do after they graduate.

Denise Harrison of Skills for Care South West is the brainchild of the Care Ambassador program. In a recently interview with the TimesOnLine, Denise noted “ the scheme has grown to attract others to the profession”, extending the potential pool for care providers. It has been so popular that Skills for Care has developed 40 regional projects, with around 1000 care ambassadors in England.

The Care Ambassador program received an IAHSA Excellence in Ageing Services Award in 2006

Care Ambassadors

Care Ambassadors

We are proud that they are part of IAHSA, demonstrating that innovative and effective programs don’t have to be complex or expensive.