Improving the lives of the elderly is something we all can come together on. Whether you’re from up-state New York or the Australian Outback – you can come together and be ONE VOICE on the important issues affecting the world’s elderly and the people who care for them. From 12-15 October, AAHSA will hold its Annual Meeting & Exposition and IAHSA will be there adding our global voice to the chorus.

On Sunday, 12 October from 15.30-17.30 come hear about Age-Friendly Cities and the New Urbanism. From this forum you will:

  • Realize how global ageing and urbanization are the great accomplishments and challenges that will define the 21st century.
  • Learn how the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken a leadership role in addressing these trends through their Global Age-Friendly Cities Guide.
  • Appreciate how the Age-Friendly Cities initiative can help to inform and advance the rise of New Urbanist approaches to senior living and long-term care.

The main speaker is Mr. Alex Kalache, Director, International Centre for Policy on Ageing, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/New York Academy of Medicine (Immediate Past Chief, Ageing & Life Course Programme, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland).

On Monday, 13 October 10.30 -12.00 Robyn Stone, Executive Director, Institute for the Future of Aging Services, American Association of Homes & Services for the Aging, Washington will lead a forum on the Findings from the IAHSA European Workforce Study. Dr. Stone and the panelists will cover:

  • Main findings from an IAHSA/IFAS study of European professional and paraprofessional personnel employed in home care and nursing homes.
  • Compare and contrast these findings from Europe to the experiences of providers from the United States and other countries.
  • Consider how innovations and best practices discussed can be adapted to your organization.

If you are from outside the US and plan to attend the AAHSA meeting, please let us know! We are planning a special event for our international attendees and don’t want you to miss out.