Telecare is a term that covers a range of devices and services that harness developing technology to enable people to live with greater independence and safety in their own homes.

Examples include devices that trigger a response from a call centre, such as falls monitors and motion sensors. The responses may range from a phone call to the person, to alerting a local carer or neighbour or social service, to alerting emergency services if appropriate. Other examples include devices that directly alert the person in the home to a particular hazard, such as a water level monitor in a bath.

The Joint Improvement Team [JIT], an initiative of the Scottish Government, is leading the development of telecare in Scotland. Their benchmarking report gives a good outline of the status of telecare development, not only in the UK but in other countries around the world.

Please share with us information about reports that will inform about technological development. This will help us develop global partnerships to address this important issue and help the growth of the IAHSA technology network through the CAST Affiliated Action Networks.