In his book, The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman describes the unplanned cascade of technological and social shifts that effectively leveled the economic world, and “accidentally made Beijing, Bangalore and Bethesda next-door neighbors.” These shifts “created a flat world: a global, web-enabled platform for multiple forms of sharing knowledge and work, irrespective of time, distance, geography and increasingly, language.”

Cross border flow of workers is a constant reminder of just how ‘flat’ the world has become. Many migrants and immigrants work for a short time and then return to their home country. However a large number stay and grow old in their adopted country.

And when the elderly immigrants need services it is often difficult for them to find places that cater to the specific needs of a culturally diverse population. A recent article in The Record describes the challenges for ethnic seniors in Canada.

And Canada is not alone. IAHSA members around the world are increasingly facing this issue.

One group taking a lead in this issue is the Australian Center for Cultural Diversity in Ageing. Share what efforts are under way in your country.