Among IAHSA members there are a number of examples where organizations have developed retirement communities in other countries, such as communities built for Dutch elderly in Spain.  Weather and cost of living are key drivers of these developments.

Another example is the growing assisted living programs being developed in Mexico and targeted to US and Canadian retirees.  As noted in a recent Dallas News article, some Mexican developers are shifting their traditional condo and townhouse developments in midstream to include assisted-living wings focused, in part, on Americans who want modern facilities with quality services rather than the informal operations or go-it-alone approaches that now exist.

There are already an estimated 1.2 million retired Americans and Canadians in Mexico who – like their millions of compatriots back home – will need a greater level of care at an affordable price.
Javier Godínez-Villegas, president of the Mexican Association of Retirement Communities, thinks there are up to 50 Mexican cities and towns that are ideal for assisted-living facilities aimed at the U.S. and Canadian markets.