A new study released by the AARP Public Policy Institute shed more light on the economic value of caregivers in the United States.  There are an estimated 34 million Americans who are caregivers.  They are typically middle-aged married women who are employed and are looking after a widowed mother. Thier careviging services are valued at US$ 10.10 an hour which total US$ 375 billion in unpaid services!

The benefit these caregivers provide to society can not be totalled up in dollars and cents. Can you really put a price tag on love, comfort, and caring? As Jane Gross writes “the rewards for the caregiver are considerable: Your mother is less likely to wind up in a nursing home or avoid it longer because of your ministrations. She’s also less likely to wind up in the hospital with an illness or injury, because you’re keeping an eye on things. And she’s less likely to be re-admitted after a hospitalization, which these days are so short that the elderly need lots of attention when they get home.”