Much has been written about the baby boom generation, born 1946 to 1964, and their impact on society and the economy.   And the boomers are ageing at a time when there is great upheaval-politically, environmentally, economically, technologically and biologically.    What will things look like in 20 years and what effect will the boomers have on these evolutionary trends?

MetLife Mature Research Institute, in collaboration with the Institute for the Future, recently published two papers addressing these issues.    The first provides a futuristic view of the world facing the boomers and the potential impact of their quest for reinvention and innovation.  The second is a map of the changing human lifecycle as it will be lived over the next 20 years by the boomers, as well as everyone else.

This is fascinating reading and an important study for IAHSA members who will provide care for this generation over the next 20 years.   Although the studies are based on American boomers, the lessons are applicable world wide.