Those of us in the IAHSA Global Ageing Network regularly pay attention to the development of technologies that can affect the lives of the people we serve.   But much of the population usually focuses on more ‘exciting’ technologies, such as those featured every year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

So it was heartening  this morning to read an article by a young reporter from a different field who was enlightened about the value of less flashy but useful technologies at a tech show in Singapore.

Yeoh Slew Hoon’s usually focuses on technology and tourism, but she had an eye-opening experience learning about products that can really change lives for all types of populations, including the elderly.   She calls the researchers ‘the unsung heroes of the technology world – the men and women who toil away in dark labs for years on end and on inventions that will never create the hype of an iPod or an iPhone but make all the difference to individual lives.”

And she and her readers now realize that they too will need these products someday.