Scenario planning is an interesting way to look at the future by using  your best judgment on how to create strategies to meet the coming challenges.   The World Economic Forum’s report The Future of Pensions and Healthcare in a Rapidly Ageing World: Scenarios to 2030 describes three scenarios designed to challenge current thinking, create new insights, facilitate the debate between key decision-makers and provide momentum for action.

Christine Owen of Mercer Global Health Management Consulting has gone one step further, tracking through their global clients the trends as they emerge and focusing on the most likely scenario.   It is too early to come to conclusions but as Ms. Owen says in her report, ‘the true winners will be the businesses that come to understand the key role they will increasingly plan in the health of their global workforces and the likely impact that health will have on global economic growth’.

The paper paints a somewhat bleak picture.   I won’t give away the ending but for-warned is for-armed.