According to Medical News, it is projected that the total number of telehealth subscribers worldwide could increase to over 55 million by 2016.

In Medica is the medical research division of IMS Research, a supplier of market research in global electronics markets.   Their report “Opportunities in Telehealth: A Long View”  provides a good overview of the current and future markets for telehealth.

Telehealth initiatives have been heralded as a potential method to help cut costs of care in the over-burdened healthcare systems around the world.  InMedica estimates that there are under a million subscribers today, due to a number of market barriers.   However as the barriers are overcome, the use of telecare should rise.

IAHSA members, working with the Center for Aging Service Technologies, are involved in testing of telehealth products, many of which will be featured at IAHSA’s 8th International Conference in London in July 2009.   Join us there!!