A new study funded by the  U.K. Alzheimer’s Research Trust and conducted by the Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases at King’s College London suggests that anti-psychotic drugs commonly used to treat Alzheimer’s disease may double a patient’s chance of dying within a few years.  The study followed 165 patients aged 67 to 100 years with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease from 2001 to 2004 in Britain. Commenting on the report, William Thies of the Alzheimer’s Association in the US said that “The drug regimen for any person with Alzheimer’s needs to be personalized…At some points, some people will be better off with no medication.”

Each year new drugs come to market that attempt to manage and even treat Alzheimer’s disease. Studies like these are an important for improving quality of care and finding an effective treatment of this horrible disease.

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