IAHSA members are ambassadors for new and innovative ideas to ageing services providers around the world.  This year they will gather in London for the 8th International Conference for three days of networking and education.  But IAHAS members reach out and are leaders beyond borders all year long.  Last year  four members were featured in a FutureAge article “One Voice, Many Futures”. The pieced corresponded with AAHSA’s Annual meeting and focused on visions, possibilities and fears, and trends that ageing services leaders see as most important during the next 10 to 20 years. Greg Mundy, Klaus Zimmerman, Rod Young and Des Kelly, all IAHSA members, shared their thoughts on topics like consumer trends, changing demographics, financing and organizational mission.  And they will all be in London to continue discussing these and other important issues with the IAHSA membership.  We hope to see you there!