Use of the internet by government to help consumers learn more about nursing homes has been going on in the US for a number of years.   The latest in the US was the launch of the Five Star Quality nursing home rating system.  It drew swift criticism from the IAHSA US Chapter AAHSA, stating that the system is ”  is based on significantly flawed and inadequate information that has stacked the public relations deck against nursing homes.”

The Australian government has now followed suit.   According to an article in Australian Ageing Agenda, the government will update is consumer site featuring information about the compliance and safety standards of Commonwealth-approved facilities.

Provider groups in Australia, like those in the US, agree that consumers have the right to information about care homes but there is ongoing concern about the validity of the data.

Government and providers have the same mission – quality care for the elderly.  Its too bad we can’t agree on how to show it.