With the economy in turmoil and companies cutting employees, older workers are finding it increasingly difficult to get or keep a job.

And of course the recession isn’t helping and with increased unemployment among the young, the competition for available jobs could make it even more difficult for the older workers.

As reported in The Guardian, the baby boomers in the UK are intensifying the debate about mandatory retirement.   Recently the European court of justice ruled that mandatory retirement wasn’t breaking any European laws but that it was up to the British high court to decide whether they will enforce it.    About 1/3rd of British firms impose retirement at age 65 on their workers.

But with the rapid increase in the number of workers reaching age 65, pressure is increasing on employers and government to relax enforcement.   According to George Magnus, author of ‘The Age of Aging’, an age-power shift will affect more than the economy and political lobbying.  It will also affect consumer culture through “boomerangst” – the interest of baby boomers in the implications of their ageing and an older society.