My grandmother may have trouble remembering how many spoons of sugar she put in her morning coffee but when it comes to recounting tales from her childhood her mind is as sharp as ever.  I love sitting with her at the kitchen table hearing stories of my great, great grandparents and and I know how lucky I am that she can recall these wonderful nuggets of family history.  But it might not always be this way and for me and many families, capturing this history is a race against time and Alzheimer’s.

But this is where a unique organization called StoryCorps comes in.  StoryCorps is the umbrella organization for the Memory Loss Initiative.  They dispatch specially trained technicians and recording equipment for anyone to use — free of charge.  Since StoryCorps began in 2003, more than 35,000 people have shared their story.

You can visit their Web site and hear stories from across the nation. You can also find out how to record the stories of your loved ones.  What a fantastic way to keep the memories of our elders alive and well for generations to come.