The long awaited “Green Paper” has been released in the UK outlining possible scenarios for funding long term care.  As reported in the Telegraph, Health Secretary Andy Burnham said that he wanted to create a system which was ‘fair, simple and affordable’ to all.  He called for the public to give their opinion on three solutions:

* A partnership approach between the state and the individual where each pays a portion
* A voluntary insurance scheme making it easier for individuals to get insurance to help cover the costs not covered by the state
* A mandatory insurance scheme requiring everyone to buy insurance, resulting in free care for all who need it.

Consultation on today’s announcement will continue until November 2009, with firm plans to be presented in a White Paper next year.

Many countries are being forced to deal with the financial implications of an ageing population.  Learn more by attending IAHSA’s 8th International Conference in London next week.