IAHSA is building on its successful Design for Ageing Symposia from the past two conferences. We are looking for ways to continue this important conversation virtually. As luck would have it, Norsk Form, an IAHSA business member in Oslo, recently sent me the following information on their design for ageing programme:

Norsk Form is a foundation that works with architecture, design and urban area planning. With the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, they have established an interdepartmental network including 13 municipalities, that range from small to large in size and are located all over the country. What unites them is a wish to discuss the design of care homes for the elderly of tomorrow.

The network aims to help develop different care service models that can be adapted to local conditions and needs. Its strategy for the development of care homes can be summarised as follows:

  • Development of interdepartmental cooperation for planning and integration in the municipal plan
  • Cooperation between sectors so that resources are viewed across departments; for the development of shared use, joint localisation and vicinity with public and private enterprises.
  • Integration of care homes and nursing homes in regular residential areas with shared functions
  • A coherent housing service that addresses the need for different types and degrees of care.
  • Design of good aesthetical surroundings, outdoors as well as indoors, that promote social, cultural and physical activities
  • Surroundings that permit local inhabitants to take part in various activities; the care centre as a local meeting place

For more information, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about IAHSA’s Design for Ageing programme, please let me know.