As people age you often hear them say that they would love to stay in their home as long as possible.   But many homes are inaccessible or unsuitable for ‘ageing in place’.

In the UK,  the government-sponsored HAPPI [Housing our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation] report was recently released making a number of recommendations for positive action in housing for the elderly, including:

  • The building of new homes for the ageing to become a priority for central government
  • Local Authorities to coordinate new efforts by housing providers and social and voluntary services to provide solutions to the problem
  • Incentives for house builders to develop new types of housing
  • Housing Associations to maximize the potential of design and innovation

HAPPI also encourages innovative new ideas in age-friendly design.   This is also the goal of IAHSA’s International Design for Ageing program – stay tuned for updates on our 2010 design program.