Age discrimination continues to exist in all societies, with older people often viewed as fragile, unproductive and a burden on society.      This week we will highlight two movements that are underway to help us understand the issue and direct greater attention to creating a society that respects and values older people.

The first is from Benetas Aged Care, an IAHSA member provider in Melbourne, Australia.  They recently conducted a study with Deakin University which examined the attitudes of society toward older people and what respect for older Australians means to them and the wider community.    The report, Respect in an Ageing Society, revealed that older people who are respected tend to have greater life satisfaction, including a sense of usefulness and involvement with their family, community and significant others.   The study revealed themes of ageism within Australian society and Benetas plans to conduct further research on the issue with the goal of helping the Australian people understand and embrace older people.