As an IAHSA member, you are part of the world’s largest network of ageing service providers. In order to build on current relationships and foster the further development of connections among IAHSA members, we have created the International Staff Exchange.

The IAHSA Staff Exchange Network is an exciting leadership development opportunity for your staff. Staff members work in a facility in another country and gain valuable insight from the global community. Benefits to participants include:

  • Increased understanding of international initiatives and cultural challenges in providing care for the elderly;
  • Enhanced staff development and learning; and
  • Increased retention of quality leadership staff.

How it Works
The programme is designed for leadership development of staff. Participating facilities will determine the best mode for sharing expenses. Typically, the host facility takes responsibility for all expenses for visitors on site, including lodging, meals, and ground transportation, usually using facility guest rooms and dining operations. Translation services, if needed, may also be provided by the host. The visiting organization is usually responsible for travel to and from the site.

Don’t miss the chance to give your staff the world!
To participate in an exchange and stay up to date on the network, join the new listserv.