A recently released documentary titled Grandmother to Grandmother, highlights the struggle that grandparents in two communities, one in the United States and another in Tanzania, confront everyday in caring for their grandchildren.   In these two communities, AIDS, drugs and violence are “wiping out generations of parents, leaving millions of children behind.”  As a result, Grandmothers are choosing to take on the task of caring for the children, while struggling to raise them.

As this report studying grand-parenting in the United Kingdom and Europe shows, this is not an issue limited to poor countries or communities, but rather one that is affecting societies all over the world.  “With an increasingly ageing population, high numbers of mothers in employment and the prevalence of family breakdown, the contribution of grandparents is becoming increasingly important in family life,” says the report.  The report also finds that:

  • 6 out of 10 grandmothers and 5 out of 10 grandfathers across the EU provide childcare for their grandchildren
  • 40% of grandparents in Italy, Spain and Greece provide regular childcare
  • 20% of grandparents in Sweden, France and Denmark provide regular childcare

Please take some time to view the previews for Grandmother to Grandmother included below and share with IAHSA your thoughts on this touching documentary.  What can be done to address the vast and growing problem of grandparents raising grandchildren? Do you personally know a grandmother who is helping raise one or more of her grandchildren?