In an article in the latest edition of Future Age, the bi-monthly magazine of our U.S. chapter, AAHSA, Jeffrey Anderzhon explores innovative design practices in Australia, Japan and South Korea.  The article looked at how “cultural cultural differences in perceptions and approaches to aged care, and regulatory issues unique to [the] specific countries” affects how those societies choose design of  spaces for their elders.  After highlighting these differences and their results, Anderzhon concludes by stating that “[e]verywhere … the elderly need
meaningful care, meaningful activities, respect and a quality of life that provides personal dignity”.  He goes on to add that “[e]xploring other countries and cultures is a time-worn custom. Sharing the knowledge we  gain from that exploration is also a time-worn custom that wemust extend to aged care in today’s world”.

Read Jeffey’s article and share your toughts on space design for the ageing with IAHSA.  What contributions can your country make to designs for the ageing?  What particular advantage or challenge does your culture or geography bring to design?