Manifestation à Marseille

Below are the most current numbers we’ve found on today’s protests:

– Between 1.2 million (Ministry of the Interior estimate) and 3.5 million (Union estimate) people have joined manifestations across all of France’s main cities, including a large number of high school students.

– 25% of trains are running.

– 30% of flights have been canceled in Paris’ main airport.

– Paris’s public transport is severely affected, with only three out of 14 metro lines running normally and delays on all suburban train service.

– 11 of France’s 12 refineries have shut down.

– The Eiffel Tower has been closed.

– 360 High Schools across the country have been closed or affected.

–  19.2% of Public Workers did not show up to work.

–  Between 55-85 ships have been left stranded at the port of Marseilles.

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For More Information:

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