has launched a free online tool that serves as a type of social network where everyone involved in caring for a person can connect.  According to the developers, the system allows both family members and professional to exchange ideas and observations, to answer questions, and to monitor the senior’s daily activities through a secure, dedicated site.  Other features include an online store through which to purchase medical devices and a database to search for qualified professionals.

A similar service is also available from  This website allows “families [to] put all their support information in one place: contact numbers of doctors and caregivers, medications and dosages, a common calendar with appointment reminders, and events such as birthdays or anniversaries. There is also a place to store medical, legal, insurance and other pertinent documents. CareGiverHelper streamlines the organization and communication between family caregivers facilitating daily activities, emergencies and long term planning.”

While IAHSA has not tested and cannot endorse these websites, these are just two examples of the role emerging technologies can play in caring for seniors.   Share your thoughts on these and other technologies with us.

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