The Canadian Government and the Canada Safety Council have joined forces to mark this year’s Senior Safety Week, under the theme “Preventing Elder Abuse.”  In accordance with this theme, both the Government and the Council have taken steps this week to highlight elder abuse in Canada and promote ways to prevent it.  According to the Seniors Canada Office, “between 4 and 10 percent of seniors in Canada experience some kind of abuse,” but only “96 percent of Canadians think most of the abuse experienced by older adults is hidden or goes undetected.”    They further add that “22 percent of Canadians think a senior they know personally might be experiencing some form of abuse.”   In a statement about these realities, Diane Ablonczy, Canada’s Minister of State  for Seniors says: “Abuse of older Canadians is unacceptable and must not be tolerated  … [t]he more people know about elder abuse, the more they will recognize it’s a problem and work towards solutions.”

Share your thought’s on Canada’s efforts with IAHSA.  What other steps can be taken to prevent elder abuse?  What steps are being taken in your country?

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