Staying with the theme of Elder Abuse, a new report has found that an estimated 18,000 older people living n Ireland today have experienced some form of abuse or neglect since they turned 65.  According to the Irish Times,  the report was “carried out by the UCD-based National Centre for the Protection of Older People” and “interviewed 2,021 people over 65.”  Based on the results of that group, numbers were extrapolated to find “the percentage of older people who had experienced abuse [in]the general population.”

The study found that “adult children the most likely perpetrators” of abuse.  It also found that “[f]inancial abuse was the most commonly reported mistreatment, experienced by 1.3 per cent of respondents, followed by psychological abuse (1.2 per cent), physical abuse (0.5 per cent) and neglect (0.3 per cent). Sexual abuse was the least common form of abuse at 0.05 per cent.”  Furthermore, “[t]hose aged between 70 and 79 and those over 80 were twice as likely to experience abuse as those aged 65 to 69” and “[w]omen were more likely to have experienced mistreatment.”  Levels of education, income and general health were also shown to have an impact on the likelihood for elder abuse.

See the full report here.

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